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Institutes of Technology Ireland

The 14 Institutes of Technology sought, under the Higher Education Authority’s Strategic innovation Fund Cycle 2 programme, funding for a major collaborative project entitled ‘Addressing the Needs of the Knowledge Economy’.  This project was in two parts; a three-year project aimed at building research capacity in the Institutes and a four-year project aimed at enhancing the capacity of the Institutes to deliver increased flexible learning opportunities. The supported flexible learning project had two objectives:

•To develop a collaborative approach to promoting flexible learning within Ireland.

•To build capacity in individual institutes to deliver more flexible learning opportunities.

Within the Institutes, the key outcomes included enhanced professional capacities in the design and delivery of flexible learning, the improvement of system and administrative processes to support flexible learning and a greater awareness of the importance of flexible learning.

External to the Institutes, the main outcomes were the design, development and implementation of a learner-friendly web portal for searching and applying for part-time courses ( and increased numbers of students entering the Institutes to study on a part-time basis.

The project started in August 2008 and finishes in the summer of 2012.

Enhancing Flexibility in Higher Education -

A Report on the Supported Flexible Learning Project undertaken  by the Institutes of Technology in Ireland

IOTI SIF 2 Publications & Reports

A series of reports and publications resulting from the project Design Collateral

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